The ‘ hottest band in the world ‘ at the most doubtful event of history

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On April 10 , in New York (USA), happened another ceremony of the shameful, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – the event was broadcasted by HBO on May 31 -. Induced this time were Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates, and finally, after 40 years, the legendary hard rock band, KISS.
Talking about a Hall of Fame of ROCK AND ROLL, was expected only rock bands in the Hall, right? But that’s not how the organizers think , artists like Madonna , Blondie , Run- DMC – not that they are bad artists , with the exception of Madonna – are on shameful ‘event’. 

The band’s frontman, Paul Stanley, made ​​some ‘ praise ‘ for the institution: “This is happening for people who buy tickets and albums. Not for those who indicate artists. Tonight is our revenge . . ” ” The RNRHOF is contaminated , corrupt . and distorted .” continues Stanley.

The former guitarist, Bruce Kulick, granted me an exclusive interview, and agree with the words of his former boss.
“I fully agree with Paul. Unfortunately, who decides what happens in RNRHOF is a small and select group , and this group is associated with Rolling Stone magazine . They hate KISS. They didn’t even post about Eric Carr’s tragic death in 1991″. Talk.

Doubtful Criteria
The first criterion to be induced at the event is that the band has at least 25 years of release of first album, and bands like Deep Purple, Dio and KISS himself, have more than 40 year career – and both are out of RNRHOF – . “I hope they correct the error with these artists . But the truth is:  they are trying to be more ‘rock and roll’ after they induced Rush and Heart last year.” Says Kulick.

KISS exchanges their line-up more than their fantasies, but RNRHOF decided to ‘honor’ only the original four, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Even with over 10 years in the band, Bruce Kulick did not care for being ‘forgotten’ , ” I don’t need the recognition of them . When I was in KISS, we sold over 10 million records, extremely successful tours and other great things in the non-makeup era. What matters is that I’m always remembered by Paul and Gene, and of course, for all the fans.” States.

“We could play together in a perfect world, like we did at MTV Unplugged. But unfortunately the RNRHOF did not want that.” Continues.

[Lack of] Organization
According to Paul Stanley, KISS had a worse treatment than the other artists, “our treatment at the ceremony confirmed my worst suspicions,” Stanley said on Twitter. “Wenner [co-founder of the event] and the rest are cowards worms.” “They gave us a schedule , but they didn’t give us passes [for post ceremony party]. “We were great and Wenner remains a little man.” Concluded.

“This happened because KISS decided not play. It was all very confusing reggarding the organization. But anyway, it was a nice event. I had great fun watching the Peter Gabriel and other performances.” Talk Bruce Kulick.

During 1996, the guitarist was out for the original four return and did the famous reunion tour , “I never felt like I was fired. They had a success than anyone could imagine, then announced this tour. They simply could not go back to Revenge style  I didn’t felt they betrayed me, because I know how the business works . It is not a situation where I have not done my job, but a band that was famous for their makeup, they can not live without it .” Kulick said.

When asked about a possible return to KISS, using a makeup, Bruce says: “That will not happen. I’m proud to be one of the holdovers from the non-makeup era. And I have many fans of that era , perhaps I was the first guitarist [from KISS] which many saw or heard .”

To end the interview, Bruce reveals that he is back to the studio – after his last release, ‘BK3‘, released in 2010 – “I will work on a new song soon. I want to thank you Pedro for the opportunity to talk openly about RNRHOF . Hope to see all of Brazil ASAP, I miss you all.”

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